Everything is designed. It’s something we interact with every day of our lives- through the environment we work in, the clothes we wear, and the cars we drive. Design is a fabric of our society so ingrained in everything we do and yet still its value is sometimes overlooked by organizers planning an event.

The two most critical aspects of your event are knowing your attendees and your purpose. When you implement different touchpoints to connect your audience with that purpose or message; to make it truly meaningful, you leave your participants with a lasting impression. That creates engagement and true ROI for your event.

From the decorative, passive design that surprises and delights the senses to the deliberatively active experiential design components that are participatory in nature, every element in an event space — physical or virtual– plays a role in communicating your brand’s story and serving your event’s purpose. We can help you define what elements align with your attendee demographic for the best results within your budget.

No project is too large or too custom, whether it’s a large-scale complex convention or a high-profile gala. We have the technology,  expertise and production capacity to bring any vision to life. 

Contact us for help with:

Stage DesignRoom EnvironmentLighting DesignTabletop Elements
GraphicsConcept & 3D BrandingActivations & ExperientialEvent Furnishings
Banners and BackdropsPipe & DrapeEntrance DisplaysCustom Fabrications

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