Since that fateful day that quarantines we’re first declared in March, our entire industry has been going through similar stages at various speeds. Thinking at first of a short setback to live events, using what we have to fight the virus, looking at options to return, looking at options for hybrid events, to embracing full virtual events with the skills and experience we have from decades of live in person events. Now that we’ve witnessed a barrage of companies take the plunge and find success hosting their events online, it has come to a point where many organizations can’t afford NOT to bring their event to the virtual world.  In this blog, I’m focusing on galas since that has historically been our specialty.

The truth is : We may still be doing social distancing for a while. Instead of running away and cancelling or postponing, shift strategy to a virtual gala and transform your means of fundraising.

At MOONSHOT we have been discovering how to create the critical personal connections that we have depended on to connect business, build teams, impact communities and make a difference while remaining physically distanced. Virtual events are like in person events 80% of the time and the last 20% is the technology and shifting the touch points. We are prepared to help you make the transition to virtual.

Speaking of technology – there is tons of it out there, from the robust, to the simple, to the scaleable. We’ve done the legwork and research to familiarize ourselves with the options so we can help guide you to the perfect platform for your event.

For while our media must shift to the digital; the strategies we employ must remain personal, artful, creative, and integrated. We have seen some fantastic results with the first wave of events that have had to shift from face-to-face to virtual at a moments notice, Virtual events have cut expenses 65% compared to in person events, reached up to 300% larger audiences and met 95% of fundraising goals. Soon the virtual events that take time to think though plans strategically will see spectacular results. 

If you’re willing to be flexible, connect with your donors, and use technology, you can still successfully fundraise during this time.

Strengths of hosting a virtual event:

• Ability to open auction early
• Ability to request audience involvement and suggestions for auction items prior to event 
• Abridged program with limited number of presenters
• Use of rich multimedia and video
• Less overhead 
• Flexibility to use nontraditional engagement techniques 
• No limit as to number of participants due to location or other factors.
•  Ability to highlight sponsors more prominently without distraction, offer tracking
• More effective digital marketing strategy 

In summary, there are many benefits to hosting your event online. However, the right partner makes all the difference when it comes to creating an experience that transcends beyond a computer screen.

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