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We know the world is changing.

That's why MOONSHOT is on a mission to eliminate technical and strategic boundaries of hosting an event in the digital world and to inspire, engage and support our clients as they impact the world.

We have over twenty years of experience in the special events industry producing creative experiences for organizations that push boundaries as much as they inspire.  We were founded by visionary entrepreneur Ken Rosen in 2001 as Encore Decor specializing in atmospheric design for association and corporate events.

Today, MOONSHOT is made up of designers, producers, strategists, technicians, storytellers and consumers of quality conversations (and cocktails!)

We have transformed into MOONSHOT Event Production to align our identity with the world’s sudden need for experts in hybrid and virtual events.  Of course we will be right here when live events return in full force. Check out our Portfolio for examples of these!

We focus on the human experience and how a message is perceived through various forms of media. We integrate brand identity into total experiences by providing a suite of hands-on technical and design solutions.

Learn all about our full spectrum of event design, strategy and production services.

Our team

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Kenneth Rosen

Chief Executive Officer
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Hilary Howes, VEMM

Chief eXperience Officer
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Sara Harmon, CSEP

Event Specialist
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Elizabeth Long

Production Manager

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